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A Night of Stars

In an unforgettable evening brimming with hope, generosity, and the collective power of compassion, RWB Construction proudly stood among the sponsors at this year’s Selfless Love Gala. The event, celebrated for its remarkable mission to support children in foster care and youth aging out of the system, broke records this year, raising an unprecedented amount of funds thanks to the selfless contributions of its supporters.




Continuing To Inspire

We want to invite you to join us in this journey of spreading love and hope. Every act of kindness, no matter how small, can shine a bright light on someone's world. Let's come together to make a difference. Support Rina's House of Blessings or tag a charity of your choice in the "Pay It Forward Challenge." Let's create a wave of positivity that lights up our world.


Inspiring Greatness

From Building a Playset to Building Bonds: A Heartwarming Story of RWB Construction Management and a Foster Mom. Join Robert W. Burrage and Silvia in a 15-minute short story as they share their journey. Silvia, a dedicated and hardworking single foster mom, has selflessly cared for numerous children and recently adopted two of her own. Despite never asking for help, she was introduced to Robert and the RWB family by Place of Hope to assist in building a playset. What transpired next will leave you feeling inspired and uplifted. Watch the full story here!

Making a Difference
Our Charitable Partners and Causes

Place of Hope
Selfless Love
Rina's House
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